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New Futures D.C.

New Futures D.C.

Adding to an experience that’s changing lives and the face of a community.

New Futures D.C. provides a program of scholarships, career education services, and support to low-income DC-area young people pursuing shorter-term post-secondary educational opportunities toward fulfilling careers. New Futures empowers youth by bridging the gaps that exist in education and the workforce. In doing so, they hope to have long-lasting impact on the young people they support and the broader community.

When New Futures D.C. came to us, they knew they wanted to add to the growing roster of experiences they provide their students. CustomEd jumped at the chance, crafting an 8-hour, intensive, live event aimed at students that had recently received scholarships and were preparing for entry into post-secondary education. Dubbed the “Preparing for Success Workshop,” the event essentially gets things off on the right foot for New Futures students. Relying on direct instruction, group formation, collaborative workshops, multiple activities and even personal surveys – the workshop serves to gives students a better understanding of who they are and what their plan will be moving forward. Participants also become more self-aware and confident in their own priorities and leave the experience with organizational tools they’ll call upon to succeed in the future.

It’s a great experience to practice interviewing someone. It gives you an understanding of what they could be looking for. Matt Slomka, New Futures D.C. Graduate

The Preparing for Success Workshop became a resounding success and perennial part of the New Futures program. So much so, that CustomEd was called upon again to bookend the New Futures experience with another workshop that would serve as a final send off to graduates of the program. Following the same format as the previous workshop, the “Career Launch Workshop” was also an 8-hour, intensive, live, event. Focused on practicality, the experience was built to provide graduates with some closing “real world” lessons. Graduates learn how to create an elevator pitch and a LinkedIn profile, gain interview experience, explore different career paths and engage in a real-life job simulation.

New Futures D.C. is an organization that was already doing some great things for local youth and their community. CustomEd is proud to have concepted, strategized and ultimately facilitated two integral pieces that added to the experience and serve to propel it forward. Most of all, we’re thankful to have played a role in an organization who makes sure young people don’t slip through the cracks.

I learned how critical it is to have a genuine and clean online personal brand. Ashley Peralta, New Futures D.C. Graduate
All the activities were great and helpful to develop our skill. Freddy Caceres, New Futures D.C. Graduate


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