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The Adventure Capital Innovation Experience, presented by Arby’s Foundation

WE HELPED #MAKEADIFFERENCE by designing an outreach plan and marketing materials to engage schools and encourage event registration, recruiting over 100 event participants.


In partnership with GENYOUth’s Adventure Capital program, the Arby’s Foundation was interested in engaging students in grant opportunities in specific regional markets for a virtual event for schools in those areas to learn about and win grants to bring student-led projects to life. Because the event would be online, taking place over multiple time zones, effective outreach to schools and teachers was of the utmost importance. CONTACT: REIMAGINED CustomED managed every part of the outreach and recruitment process, beginning with designing a strategic recommendation & outreach plan including direct mail, key partner contacts, email outreach, and direct calls. Additionally, CustomED also managed the attendee registration process and all pre- and post-event communication anddesigned pre-event work for participants to get them ready to participate. THE IMPACT Recruited over 100 attendees from 15 schools across multiple states and time zones to attend a virtual event, with pre- and post-event communication deepening engagement beyond the event itself.


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