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Venture for America: Research and Program Design

WE HELPED #MAKEADIFFERENCE by completing a thorough research and discovery process to inform program recommendations that would redesign and reinvigorate the programming at a nation-wide fellow training camp that prepares recent college graduates for a startup experience.


Fellows of Venture for America began their two-year journey through an entrepreneurship program with a 4-week training camp. After the fellows’ gave their feedback about the training VFA decided to shorten the duration of their camp to two weeks. CustomED assisted VFA in shortening the camp curriculum to a two-week program without compromising the quality of the training. RESEARCH INTO A NEW DESIGN Throughout the fall of 2021, CustomED analyzed Venture for America’s survey data and conducted focus groups with current staff, institutional partners, and program alumni. The results of this intensive period of research became a finalized presentation that identified key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within the program design. After sharing these findings with internal stakeholders, CustomED worked with Venture for America to re-design the program’s overall model and structure.

THE IMPACT With the results of this extensive research, CustomED has worked with Venture for America to develop a turnkey program framework that re-shapes the training camp curriculum to better align with Venture for America’s vision help prepare the Fellows for their entrepreneurship journey.


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