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Who’s the Boss

According to one Gallup study, nearly eight in 10 students in middle through high school say they want to be their own boss. Perhaps it is the soaring cost of education; maybe it’s because the Internet has made starting a business easier than ever; maybe it’s because Generation Z is seeing influencers making money by creating their own content and watching marketers respond. This generation of future leaders has grown up with the world at their fingertips thanks to the technology that has always been available to them. This has led them to be free from the constraints that previous generations may have had; nine to five doesn’t have to be the schedule, their office is wherever they are, and their career is not linear.

All these factors have created kids that are more than willing to try new things and experiences. Generation Z, given the right tools, are motivated and empowered learners and more than ready to fill in gaps with their own creative ideas. And they are not just starting for profit business, many are forging ahead with charitable organizations and finding ways to advocate for causes that are important to them. Today’s teen are savvy producers of their own content and well-versed in using a mix of channels to engage, teach, give back and yes, even sell.

With that said, it is imperative that we give youth the opportunities, tools, and skills needed to become future leaders and to fuel their passion for innovation. Empowering youth through learning experiences is the cornerstone of our business. Experiences allow for powerful collaboration and communication and can take a teen’s idea and turn it into reality. There are many reasons this generation is destined to be their own boss; fostering their innovative passions will benefit us all.


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