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5 simple tools you can use to create fun educational experiences online

Have you thought about adding a new twist to your virtual events? We have collected some programs and features that you can use in your online lessons. Feel free to consider our suggestions or take inspiration and use your creativity to try something new!

  1. Google Jamboard. This is a highly versatile tool that you can use to create engaging games, organize virtual brainstorming sessions, and feature images for art projects. Check out our comprehensive list of what you can do with Google Jamboard!

  2. PowerPoint. While most people know how to use its basic functions, have you considered what you can do with its more advanced features? PowerPoint can be used to make interactive story games where participants get to choose the character’s storylines. You can also add interactive components to things like mazes, as well as use the animation feature to include visual timers for each page.

  3. Zoom. We’ve all become very familiar with Zoom recently, but have you familiarized yourself with some of the more advanced features to manage large groups of people in your Zoom meeting? Learning how to remove disruptive people from the meeting, turn off people’s mics and videos, chat with people in the waiting room, and spotlighting your speakers to enhance your event. Make sure you keep up to date with Zoom features to maximize this program’s potential.

  4. Prezi Video. Prezi is like PowerPoint, but with a twist – the presentation zooms in and out of an image instead of moving from slide to slide. Prezi Video, allows presenters to zoom in and out of visuals while they are either making live presentations or creating videos for their participants. This is an opportunity to create a more visually stunning presentation and shake things up for people who are used to seeing screen sharing.

  5. Figma or Adobe XD. For people who don’t have access to Adobe InDesign but want to make stunning graphics for your online event, both Figma and Adobe XD are free programs you can use to create vector designs. While it is originally used by UX Designers to make wireframes, you can use it to create visual elements to enhance your online events, whether it’s for your Jamboards, Zoom backgrounds, or PowerPoint slides.


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