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Top 3 things you can do with Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard[1] is one of the most versatile tools you can with your students. If you are new to using Jamboard, here are some starting points you can try to enhance your virtual experience.

  1. Ideation session: Brainstorming is a great way to use Jamboards. Use sticky notes and text boxes for group discussions to collaborate and exchange ideas. This is a good way for people to keep track of the information and save the link to refer to that conversation. Moreover, you can annotate the text by uploading pictures of relevant documents and using the drawing function to write on them.

  2. Online Games: This is probably one of the most popular things you can do with a Jamboard. You can lock a background image on a slide and upload images that participants can manipulate to play that game. Here are some ideas on what you can make:

  3. Board games

  4. Bingo

  5. Word search

  6. Jeopardy

  7. Mad Libs

  8. Pictionary

  9. Escape rooms

  10. Art project: Take advantage of the draw and erase function to write or sketch pictures. You can also add images to make a poster, collect some memes for laughs, as well as make diagrams for a science class. Write messages with the text box or the pen and decorate your slide using the different shapes offered in the Jamboard.

These are just some of the things that you can do with a Jamboard. Feel free to use your creativity to make new activities for your educational experiences that go beyond what we have on this list!

[1] Jamboard is a digital interactive whiteboard developed by Google to work with Google Workspace


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