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GENYOUth Galabration

WE HELPED #MAKEADIFFERENCE by providing creative support for GENYOUth’s “Galabration”, an annual fundraiser and celebration to raise funding and in-kind donations that support a wide range of youth-centered programs.


Every year, GENYOUth’s Gala draws donors and program supporters to an elegant and exciting evening. In order to bring this event to its fullest expression, all visual elements of the event: ranging from invitations to decorations needed to represent the event.

ALL-ENCOMPASSING VISUAL DESIGN CustomED provided creative support for all aspects of the Galabration. Whether thematic design or logo development, website graphics or on-site promotional materials, since 2016, CustomED has provided a complete soup-to-nuts solution.

THE IMPACT The GENYOUth Galabration has been an overwhelming success, raising millions of dollars through the recurring event. Sponsors, C-Suite executives, and big names from many Fortune-500 Companies attend and get excited to spread the word about the important work GENYOUth accomplishes.


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